What is football bubble

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The football bubble is played just like regular soccer. 

Now apply this same concept to bubble football! You will need a few more people to get their own human hamster ball, but it's worth it because of the amount of fun to be had. If you know how to play soccer then this is an easy game to play. Just get two teams of equal players and a goal on either side of the field. And they're off! There is just on ball in the middle and you have a crazy game of bubble soccer. Even if it's 3 on 3 you see how incredibly fun this can be. Two people going for the ball and bouncing off of each other is intense. No slide tackling though! Don't want anyone to get hurt. Remember, that you can move through the field by bouncing as well as running. That's how great this game can be. As for scoring, just play will 10 or a set time limit and declare a winner for your games. 

The football bubble is played just like regular soccer. There are teams and goals with the object of the game is to be getting the ball into the goal using just your feet. The rules and way they are used differ from place to place as everyone has their preferences. Due to the Zorbs, the game is relatively safer than normal soccer. 

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