Bubble Soccer Game

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It is a game played like football but with the usage of zorb to each player. 

Zorbs are definitely one of the few interesting things invented to enjoy and have fun with friends. It is used just atop a hill and rolled downward; sometimes it is used in playing above water against an opponent. Today, a newly inventive game has revolutionized the utilization of zorbs called the bubble football game which actually started as a jest by Johan Gold and Henrick Elvestad at a time when they posted a video on YouTube playing to which has gained mass popularity all around Europe like wildfire.

It is a game played like football but with the usage of zorb to each player. In Germany it is called Loopyball, but in parts of Europe they name it as bubble soccer or bubble football. The game was actually for recreational purposes only but has seen a number of tournaments that has been initiated by enthusiasts. The person who plays bubble soccer game is enclosed with the inflated zorb covering the upper part of the body including the head. It usually is played indoors or in a sporting hall but can also be enjoyed outdoors especially in a grass turf. The game will look like playing dodgeball at the start but when the game starts, the players come rushing to find the ball are struck with great amount of sweat which competitively looks real and can even be called a sport. The hands of the players are also secured thus maintaining their balance is deemed necessary, but still very much delightful to watch and play.


The bubble soccer game has stormed not just Europe but other parts of the globe as well because of its distinct and thrilling features. It is played by anyone ages 14 and above with friends for fun, and sometimes done for team buildings, or parties for birthdays or family reunions. If bubble soccer game is not fun to play anymore for quite some time playing it, game variations can also be in different scenarios like bubble sumo or bubble bowling which can happen in football venues or any other play grounds where zorbs are actually not prohibited.

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