Water ball is a new game for sports with water or grass

Water ball is a new game for sports with water or grass
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This is a sport that is already popular in all parts of Europe. It is also coming to North America. Canada seems to be crazy for this activity. The game organized between two towns met all expectations of the people interested in the new game. Players engage in a real football game, but wearing huge plastic bubbles, which cover all parts of the upper body from head to thighs. The reporters from newspapers were also involved. They describe it as amusing activity full of bumping and "flying" of crazy bubbles. We visited one match between two amateur clubs. It lets off steam, we laugh a lot and they sweat, as noted by the "Sun" during a friendly game held on Monday between employees of "Manac" center in Quebec.


1. One weekend per month we will move to a town in Europe to offer an event of bubble football played indoor or outdoor.

2. We, as reporters, plan to offer events of bubble football to work councils, for sporting events, or even for individuals (wedding, bachelor boys, etc)

3. The third point is subjected to the final number of involved people. We want to develop a website with pictures and videos highlighting the bubble football but also to allow people to "declare their interest" in a bubble football event closer to their home. When there are enough people interested in the same geographical area, the sport can move forward.

If you are still not familiar with this game, you can check many short videos on YouTube and similar networks. Indoors or outdoors, this sport can be practiced anywhere. It is accessible to everyone and provides an excellent time with your family and friends.


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