15' Classic Inflatable Water Trampoline For Sale Inflatable Water Floating Water Jumps

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This inflatable water jumper/water trampoline is suitable for kids or adults playing in hot summer above water to have great fun. 2~10 people can jump or dance on it to play games. It can be used for family or business rental. We offer competitive price negotiable,the more order the cheaper,Chop-chop for order

A water trampoline has a jump surface supported by a steel frame and trampoline springs. 
A water trampoline can support heavier loads on the jump surface and will provide a higher jump 
All Our water trampolines are made of 0.9mm PVC material and are recommended for commercial operations.
The size of inflatable water trampolines can be made from 3m-6m, you can choose different colors.
Our water trampolines are free of metal, so it's safer and you can use it in salty water without worry.
We can print your logo on the water trampoline at a resonable cost.
The inflatable water trampolines can be used in the lake, water park, pool or seaside.
Our water trampolines have below advantages:
1. Imported miller welding machine which has stable welding temperature, so the boats will not be overwelded or lesswelded and more durable.
2. Reinforced strips at the welding seams make the products has better airtightness and more durable.
3. Commercial grade and durable 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin.

Inflatable protection methods
1, In order to ensure that your equipment to achieve a normal life span, please don’t let too many children participate in playing at the beginning. Usually on the inflatables only one child up to three square meters.
2, The decoration on the inflatable is for decoration, please notice the children not to pull or tear in order to avoid damage.
3, Doodle on the device with any hard things is prohibited.
4 If the equipment is damage, add some special gule in the PVC material or its coated, wait about 5 minutes, then to glue with appropriate compression and wait for a few minutes.
5, If the device's pressure is too soft, check there if there are too many leaks and torn holes, or power failure; if pressure is too storng, please block the fan air inlet a little point.
6, such as large-scale use of non-normal damage, the factory can provide professional maintenance services, or return to the factory directly for maintenance.
The cleaning and collection
1, Cut off the power, open interfaces and exhaust fans, exhaust time usually 10-25 minutes. The  excess gas must be squeezed out. If the device is watered, Be sure to drain the water and air.
2, Do cleaning, use detergent to clean the stain, wipe away the grease, and then cleaned with water, sun to dry.
3, Fold the device, with underside hide front, then use tarpaulin to cover it.
4, if long-term leave unused,need to clean equipment, folding, bundling, packaging. The best enviroment for storage temperature is -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius.
5, Fans should pay attention to the moisture and corrosion. Inflatable device should pay attention to rodent control insects bite.
1, Children under 6 years old is strictly prohibited to play thrilling project.
2, Avoid young children and older children playing together in order to avoid collisions.
3. Managers should arrange the play for children, all in accordance with the rules of the game play, in order to avoid unexpected.

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