Nuclear Globe Zorb Ball For Zorbing Used On Water Walking Ball

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The item Included:

Zorb Ball, A blower, Zipper Oil, Glue, 20M rope storage bag, and instructions.

Free Accessories:

  • CE/UL standard blower,1x680W,110-130V/220-240V
  • Repair kit and glue
  • Heavy duty PVC tarp. Bag and PP woven bag are offered
  • Simple logo/company name/website/telephone No. etc in 1C
  • Theme Panels/Banners/Logo in 4C can be made accordingly but charge

Specification of inflatable body zorbing:

1)Material: The strongest and top quality 1.0mm PVC/TPU or 0.8mm PVC/TPU depends on your choose.
2)Size: a) 6’ x 4’7”; b)8’3” x 5’7”; c)10’ x 6’8”customized size is also accepted;
3)Color: You can choose the colors in the product options
4)Printing/Logos: accept custom logo printing; Or text, like website address on zorb balls
5)Technology: Hot air welded(You can turn off the air pump as it set up)
6)Quality Control: We test each product to ensure the it seamed exactly well for hot air welded one;
7)Accessory: 1pcpump/blower,repair kits; 20M rope storage bag, and instructions, Zipper Oil.
8)Production time: 10-15 working days(depend on the quantity).
9)Shipment terms: By express,by air or by sea,we could arrange for sending to your Designated destination or port;
10)Payment terms: Please order online, which is easy for you to tracking your orders.










Inflatable zorb ball is applicable for grassplot, snow field and zorb ramp.Our zorb ball is made with excellent welding machine made in GERMANY. It has stable performance, which makes the zorb ball will not be overwelded or less-welded and makes it last longer.

  • Tumbleweed ball series are highly favored on the market.
  • Material: PVC or TPU( which is a widely used material and has many advantages,such as safety, environmental protection,cold resistance,insoluble in water,fastness,shockproof and so on.)
  • Composed of two parts,the main is the ball,and the other is the power assisting ramp.
  • Sale: the two parts can be sold together or selling the ball only.
  • Application principle are slso very similar to the slide.
  • Diameter: generally,the external diameter of the ball is 3 meters and the internal diameter can be ensured with in 2 meters.
  • Gas chamber: there is a gas chamber to be left between the inside and outside diameter in order to assured the flexibility and safety of the ball.
  • 8.Safety belt: installed within the ball to ensure there is no injury when the ball keeps rolling.
  • 9. This product can be produced according to customer’s requirements.

Security Note: 

  • Suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure and physical weaker tourists
  • You should not be involved in the activities of the ball. Age of 65 should not participate. Weight preferably not more than 300 KG, if two people take together, not the best weight difference is too poor.
  • Kids should play under adult’s supervision.
  • Please don't take mobile phone, keys or some other sharp objects into the Pvc or tpu aqua zorbing to avoid cutting
  • When inflating please make sure there is no sharp objects on the ground. Be better put the Pvc or tpu aqua zorbing on the blanket or tarpaulin.
  • Please double check to make sure you are firmly strapped after fastening your seat belts.

Maintenance & storage:

  • Check the giant plastic thoroughly before and after using. Please mend it immediately if it's damaged.
  • Remove sundries outside and inside the zorbing. disinfect and clean the ball regularly.
  • Keep the zorbing from sharp objects.
  • Store the zorbing in dry and cool condition(make the ball dry especially the zipper area)


  • We test each water ball for 3 days to ensure the ball seamed exactly well.
  • We provide the zip oil, glue and material pieces for repairing in case
  • We shall guide you to repair the ball during all the life span of the water ball.
  • The quality guarantee period is 1 year. 

Zorbing Introduction:

Zorbing ball,Zorb ball, Zorb is the sport of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball, zorb globe, giant inflatable human hamster ball, It's great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and zorbing ramp, zorbing orbit. We also can provide you zorb balls for use on water. (aqua zorb Ball, Glow Zorb Ball).

In the zorb ball,you don't mind being strapped in and tumbled around.You are actually quite secure inside the inner capsule because all the actual rolling/bouncing is absorbed by the larger, air-cushioned outer capsule. As you tumble head over heels, the build up of centrifugal force keeps you pressed hard against the inner plastic wall, so it's easy to feel a sense of weightless ness as you enjoy the revolving view outside.

Zorb Ball, originated in New Zealand in 90s last century, is the most exciting and safest entertainment program. Zorb Ball, made of TPU or PVC, is one kind of transparent sphere. The air is filled into the room between 2. 8 -3.2meters outside the ball and 1.9-2.1 meters inside the ball .

The space is connected by over a thousand braces. The zorb can be played by two persons at the same time. The rider is harnessed on the safety equipment, then launches down either the downhill or straight and smooth lawn. Now, Zorb Ball has rolled the path already from its birth New Zealand's pasture to China, and spreaded to Australia, USA, Britain, Sweden, Mexico, Norway, Japan and over 20 countries and regions.    

We provide high quality products with the lowest possible prices and efficient service. We provide wholesale zorb ball and retail zorb ball. OEM & ODM is Welcome.

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